My little dog Snoopy had life-saving heart surgery (Mitral valve disease) on September 19, 2017. We successfully raised over $30,000 to save his life. He would have died within months without surgery. Now he is back home recovering. I hope that by telling our story we can raise awareness and help save more dogs who suffer from this disease.


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Me and my mum, Dolly-Ann Osterloh.


I am a Yorkie-Chi rescue from New Jersey living in London, UK. I recently went to the vet and was diagnosed with Mitral Valve Disease which means that the left valve in my heart don’t close properly.  I love my friends and I love my life. But without heart surgery I won't have much time. Heart surgery is very expensive and my parents are doing what they can to save my life. Please help. We are so grateful for every little help. Snoopy's mum Dolly-Ann Osterloh is a German interior designer based in London. I would like to Thank Snappy Snaps who printed some amazing shirts for us (for sale below)!

Want to know more about Mitral Valve Disease? Please visit the Might Hearts Project, here.

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#SaveSnoopy Shirt | Snoopy's Big Heart

Very recently I found out that the love of my life, my dog Snoopy, has a life-threatening heart disease called MVD. In order to save his life I had to raise €40,000 in just under two weeks time. Once the media started covering his story, I raised over €23,000 in just a matter of days! We got the money to save his life but at this stage I am fully in debt and I won't be able to pay for his post-op care and I already spent over €5,000 in pre-op care. I don't want to ask for more money so I was hoping that if enough people can buy his shirt then I can cover the rest of the expenses. I made this drawing of Snoopy myself. Snappy Snaps kindly made 40 shirts (sized medium) for us. I am accepting pre-orders for S, M and L right now. Every sale will go towards keeping Snoopy alive. But right now I am just so grateful for everyone who has been supporting us so generously!

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My parents made a video game about me. I hope it will help raise awareness in a fun way about my condition which is very common in small dogs.



I spend as much time in the park as I can. If we don't meet there, maybe we can connect via social media?


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At the Bozon clinic in Versailles, France. Dolly-Ann Osterloh is picking up her dog Snoopy. He was hospitalised for a week after having open heart surgery. Pictures taken on September 26, 2017. Credit: Snoopysbigheart.com

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Stephen Hawking with Snoopy and his mum Dolly-Ann Osterloh. Photo by Max Alexander, 2014.

Snoopy with his mum, Dolly-Ann Osterloh, onboard an airplane. Snoopy wearing his service dog vest.

Snoopy with his mum, Dolly-Ann Osterloh in our kitchen. Snappy Snaps made these amazing tshirts for us!

Snoopy with his mum, Dolly-Ann Osterloh in our kitchen. Snappy Snaps made these amazing tshirts for us!

Snoopy at home

Richard Dawkins with Snoopy, his mum and Moritz von Zeddelmann. Photo by Max Alexander

Snoopy with his mum, Dolly-Ann Osterloh

The amazing Brian Blessed supports Snoopy's campaign. #SaveSnoopy

The amazing Brian Blessed supports Snoopy's campaign. #SaveSnoopy